What is paid media management?

Our paid media management allows content providers to access, retrieve, manage, share instantly and commercialize media, including videos, photos, and audio.

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Online Advertising

Our approach uses complex knowledge-based technologies and combines them with practical expertise and personalization.

People who want to accelerate paid media's effectiveness are turning to our expert strategies and unparalleled customer service. We are an expansion of your business, and through joint efforts, we have built a comprehensive range of paid media to achieve results.

Your Team, Our Structure

As we grow, our team continues to grow. From a business group to an SME group, your team is a specialized team of experts and accountants. It aims to provide unparalleled personal customer service that best meets your individual needs. We run paid media programs that aim for high specialization and focus on measurable results.

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Account Executive

Project Support, Goal Customization, and Team Coordination

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Paid Media Specialist

Strategy Formulation, Implementation, and Performance Analysis

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Analysis Specialist

Data Tracking + Performance Analysis

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Our Paid Media Toolbox

Role + Segment

Role + Segment

We understand your clients' hearts and transcend demographic and psychological factors. With the financial-based role segment's help, our team reveals the buyer's search terms and matches them to your sales goals. This method creates the basis for a paid media campaign designed for each phase of the funnel.

Keyword + Campaign Strategy

The right keyword and campaign strategy is essential to planning for profitable paid media. We develop a personal roadmap based on your budget and sales goals to activate the right PPC combination to achieve results. As we guide you through the ad maturity curve, we'll add other types of advertising and Google Beta programs.

Impact-Based Analysis

When we combine data with decision-making, real change occurs. By emphasizing revenue as our priority in our operations, we focus on the impact of performance on results and feasible steps that can be taken based on the data. Our team combines online interaction and offline functionality to understand how paid media affects earnings entirely.

Unparalleled Visibility

We interpret performance trends to provide useful data outside of spreadsheets that show only traffic, clicks, and cost-per-click.

Top Monthly Report

By combining personalized scorecards with campaign plans, we can focus on future strategies to improve the value of our search engine marketing campaigns. Your team monitors relevant metrics that measure referrals, referral quality, and paid media revenue.

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