What is data analysis?

In analyzing raw data to find trends and answer questions, the definition of data analysis covers a wide range of areas. However, it contains many technologies with different purposes. Some components in the data analysis process can help different plans. When you combine these parts, a successful data analysis plan will show you things like where you are, where you can be, and how you can get there.

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Business intelligence and performance insights designed to make an impact

We are data scientists helping brands combine performance analysis and marketing data to achieve true ROI for marketing, increase profit margins, and better compete in a challenging market. Part of our approach is to examine search behavior, digital campaign performance, and website data to gain insight into storytelling. We then measure it against your business strategy and sales goals to create a personalized dashboard using KPIs that provide practical insights.

Technical Analysts for each team

We will organize each dedicated client team, consisting of experienced analysts, who will analyze your data to provide practical insights. By applying science creatively, our engineers can discover insights, trends, and opportunities that your team will use to transform businesses. Many agents claim to be data-driven, but we are embedded.

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Account Manager

Project Orientation, Goal Adjustment, and Team Coordination

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Analysis Supervisor

Strategic Orientation + Data Analysis

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Analysis Expert

Strategy Implementation + Performance Analysis

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Our Analytics Toolbox

Google Analytics

Website data analytics starts with the right tracking and attribution. From the first click to the last touch, we set goals/filters/views and UTM settings, and then set Google Analytics to support your digital marketing goals and revenue goals.

Google Tag Manager

We can manage your pixel world on websites and platforms. With the centralized pixel management feature, we can optimize specific trigger rules and actions that support digital marketing campaigns' goals.

Google Data Studio

When we link data to decision making, real change takes place. By integrating data sources (such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, CRM etc.) into one platform to improve decision-making, we can perform its powerful functions.

Conversion tracking

Our funnel-centered analytical perspective begins with powerful conversion tracking. From phone calls and web forms to specific page visits and conversation analysis, we can help you visualize your potential customers' journey to maximize revenue growth.

Unmistakable Results

We offer not only basic Google Analytics execution features and automated reporting but also workable analytics features. Instead, we stop using significant performance metrics to measure clues, clue quality, and revenue from digital marketing channels.

Information About Your Business

Our team works with you to discover the indicators that best suit your business objectives. It allows us to compile dashboards and monthly reports to help you make more informed strategic decisions.

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